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Sep 12, 2012

  • 0.3.6 is released.
  • Now API are called asynchronized.
  • Add inference for l-value and r-value.
  • Fixed a bug that input data will be modified if semantic variable have been assigned in vertex shader.
  • Fixed threadpool compilation error when Boost 1.51 is used.
  • Refactor code generation.
  • Now LLVM code generator is the only valid code generator.
  • Fixed some compilation error and run-time bugs.
  • Add "--clean" option to to support clean build.

See issues list.


SALVIA is a pure object-oriented software 3D renderer with a programmable pipeline only. Interfaces, operations and parameters of it take advantage of modern graphics APIs such as D3D 10 and OpenGL.

What's Comming

Next Minor Release is 0.4. Lots of refinement for vertex shader.


Result snapshots.


Documents of technical details.


The Shading And Lighting VIsualization Architecture(SALVIA) is available in both source and binary form.

Binaries for Windows are available from the SALVIA downloads page on google code or mirror sites. Alternatively, here are direct links to builds.

To install the renderer, please download the source code and extract to some direcotry. Then see the user's guide and the examples in the samples/ directory of the distribution.

Alternatively, source can be downloaded. If you're using hg, run:

hg clone salvia



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